I am a product design leader with over a decade of experience. I oversee diverse teams who focus on creating great experiences that help improve the way we interact with technology and each other. I approach both design and leadership with a focus on empathy and building relationships.
I lead with empathy
Fostering relationships with both designers and stakeholders is important to me. I care about who they are, what they value, where they want to go, and what motivates them.
Diversity builds Better Products
Bringing in different perspectives from different backgrounds, experiences, and more helps us create more well-rounded solutions.
I Instill a Growth Mindset
I encourage the growth of my team, of myself, and the growth of design within the product, the strategy, and the company itself.
I give trust and Autonomy
I trust my team to solve the problems put in front of them. I provide input when needed, unblock, and attempt to anticipate problems the team may face.
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