I'm Piper, User Experience leader with experience growing teams, coaching designers, and building strategies.

Creating a usage flywheel with partnerships
Productizing partnerships to solve problems for developers while enabling the business to grow
Experimenting with AI on Stack Overflow
One of the fastest growing technologies and it's changing how people use Stack Overflow. What did we learn from this?
Building and growing design teams
Merging product areas and scaling from a team of two to ten, all in one year.
Going from 0 to 1 and the creation of "Collectives"
Starting with a new way for companies to interact with developers and evolving to a must-have community space.
"Piper excels by consistently advocating for good design principles and user feedback. Even when faced with the commitment of multiple product leaders to a particular idea, Piper skillfully pushes back while maintaining positive relationships with her peers. Her ability to navigate these dynamics shows her strength as a design leader, ensuring that we maintain a user-centric focus and quality of design remain at the forefront, even when teams are moving quickly and focused on feature delivery."
Direct Report, Staff Product Researcher, 2024
"Piper is always up-front, honest and transparent with me. She'll give me a heads up on things when it's appropriate and likely to make my life easier. She's created an environment that allows me to feel comfortable discussing anything with her and I can always be my authenticate self."
Direct Report, Staff Product Designer, 2024
"I've always enjoyed the time that we've worked together.  Piper [took] over the research functions in a way that not only made the team feel good about their future [at Stack], but also continued to intellectually stimulate them. I'm always impressed (literally, always) with the design workshops that her team puts together. Without fail, they are well-planned and get me to think in new and different ways. It doesn't happen that everyone in the team does something that well, unless there's a uniting force in the form of a manager who pushes them to, and that speaks highly for Piper. I know that any project that Piper is on will be executed with a high degree of quality."
Stack Overflow Employee, VP of Community, 2024

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